Large Musicbox "François Lecoultre"

Large Musicbox "François Lecoultre"

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CHF 24'000.00


Exquisite musicbox with interchangeable cylinders in honor of the musicbox pioneer François Lecoultre. Sold without table (was available separately from company Reuge).

The musicbox contains 2 drawers with 12 interchangeable cylinders, each with 3 tunes. Therefore, this unique box can play 36 melodies.

The nickel plated interchangeable movement is wound up with a ratchet, it's a so-called Cartel mechanism.

All sides of the box are worked with beautiful inlays. The veneer and inlays use many different woods, including burr walnut and rosewood. Several layers of high gloss lacquer protect the surface and give the box its stunning looks.

Worldwide limited edition of only 200 pieces.

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